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SIZE guide

Here's how to order the right Pow Pots for your space
Scandi Pow Pots

Scandi Pow Pots (in the photo above, alongside myself to give you a true idea of their size!) are large plant pots and generally best suited to floor plants, although the small does work on tabletops too. These pots have an internal rim which is a few cm thick, so check the inside diameter measurement to ensure your nursery pot will fit inside. Left to right: Large, Medium and Small.

POP Pow Pots

The new POP Collection of Pow Pots come in four sizes. The smallest "Poppets" (second photo below) are perfect for mini cacti and succulents. The small and medium POP pots (first photo below, also including a Poppet) work on tabletops and window sills and fit small to medium-sized houseplants. The large POP (third photo below) is big enough to use for floor plants.

POP pots_edited.jpg
Concrete Pow Pots

Concrete Pow Pots are designed to fit the most popular-sized houseplants. Both the medium and the large look good on tabletops and window sills. The lifestyle photos below showcase medium concrete pots. In the last photo you can see the medium and large concrete Pow Pot side by side.

medium plant pot.jpg

The size of plant pots can be deceiving when buying online so please do measure your space carefully. Check out our Gallery to see how Pow Pots fit in people's homes.

If you are unsure of sizing, please get in touch with us and we can advise.

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